Why is La MAYO one of Australia's best-loved condiments? 19th JULY 2021

Not every condiment you have with your meal is healthy. However, La MAYO is. Here is an insight as to why La MAYO is one of the best healthy condiments in Australia. As we march towards the season of marinated meat, sausages, sizzlers and salads, you might want to grab a condiment for the extra boost in flavour. While you’re at it, you might also want to know the unhealthy effects of mayonnaise as a choice of condiment. However, La MAYO is one of the best-loved condiments in Australia. Keep reading and we’ll tell you why.

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La MAYO - The Healthier Mayonnaise Option

One of the highest-calorie, highest-fat food condiments is mayonnaise. It's also full of sodium, which can lead to weight gain. In mayo, one little tablespoon can amount to 90 calories and 10 grams of fat. There is no denying that mayonnaise as a condiment is very rich in fat and is highly dense in calories. Speaking of sodium, don’t forget to check out Nepbio’s Heart SALT after this.

But does that make it is entirely unfit for consumption? Not really. Before you go dipping your chicken nugget in a bucket full of mayonnaise, you must be wary of the proportion you are consuming it in and the quality of mayonnaise you are having. Most mayonnaise made commercially available is rich in Omega6 Oils, artificial preservatives, and have added sugar, which is derogatory for your body, unless you are consuming a low-calorie natural sweetener like our Type 2 Protein Sweetener. It is essential to consider the quality of mayonnaise because most of the products available in the market are brimming with fat. Speaking of quality, there are average condiments and then there is La MAYO, Australia's best-loved condiment. La MAYO is a dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free mayonnaise. You can prepare the mayo in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is add water, and you get a tasty, fat-free, creamy mayonnaise ready to go. Minus the fat, La MAYO is ideal for cafes, restaurants, pubs that are looking to add the extra taste in their choice of condiments. Quality condiments add the nutritional value you keep missing in your dishes.

What makes it stand out from other condiments in Australia?

While mayonnaise is a delightful and creamy addition to your sandwiches, fries and burgers, innumerable people are concerned about its excess calories. However, La MAYO is one of Australia's best-loved condiment for a reason. It is vegan friendly, deals with all health and regulatory issues and does not contain gluten. You can customize the thickness, consistency and make it exactly how you like your condiments to be. So, in short, you get to prepare your mayo based on your dietary requirements. If you are considerate about your physical health and the kind of condiments you consume your meals with, you might want to try La MAYO. Well, now that you know the healthier option for mayonnaise, just grab one of the best-loved condiments in Australia – available online!

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