Feel Good Feb with BIOLyte 12th February 2021

Did you know that it’s currently Feel Good Feb? Feel Good Feb is about the random acts of kindness a person can provide to somebody else within the community. But it’s not just the person on the receiving end who benefits. The giver can also benefit as their happiness increases. BIOLyte can contribute to Feel Good Feb, especially when you consider our hashtag - #rehydratemate.

Why #rehydratemate?

#rehydratemate is all about looking out for one another, whether it’s a family member, friend or a person from the community in need. It’s about supporting somebody else and helping them out. This act of kindness comes through the use of BIOLyte but not on yourself. Here’s a few examples of the kindness you can demonstrate through #rehydratemate.

Recovery from excess alcohol consumption

You’re having a terrific night out with a few (or possibly more) drinks with a solid group of mates. You’re prepared for the night and have BIOLyte effervescent tablets ready to go. Towards the end of the night, you know you’re dehydrated as you’ve been to the bathroom quite a few times. You pop a couple of effervescent tablets into 200ml cool drinking water to help hydrate yourself. As you’re drinking BIOLyte, you notice that somebody else isn’t feeling the best as they’ve had a bit too much alcohol to drink.

They’re sitting at the table and you can tell that they’re severely dehydrated. You head on over and ask them if they’d like some BIOLyte. They say ‘what’s BIOLyte?’. You tell them that BIOLyte is an Oral Rehydration Salt with Prebiotic and Zinc. It helps to replenish lost electrolytes and restore body fluid balance. You show them the packaging so that they can read the label. They’re happy with what they read and want to give it a taste. You take out another 2 tablets and drop it into a glass of water. You say ‘rehydrate mate’ as you pass the BIOLyte over to the person in need of a hydration solution. You know that by drinking BIOLyte, your new mate will be able to replenish any electrolytes that they have lost and will be able to rehydrate faster.

Sports recovery

It’s almost half-time and it’s been an insane half of soccer. Scores are tied up at 1-1 and you’re badly dehydrated as you’ve been sweating profusely. The referee blows the whistle and it’s halftime. You rush over and grab your BIOLyte ready-to-drink. As you’re sipping the drink, you notice your teammate is just drinking water. Luckily, you brought a spare BIOLyte with you. You pass over your spare BIOLyte to your teammate and say ‘rehydrate mate’. You help your mate to rehydrate, and you can see their energy coming back because of the electrolytes. It’s now time for the second half and you get the feeling that things are going to go well as both you and your mate are now reenergised.

These are just a couple of examples of the impact #rehydratemate can have during Feel Good Feb. Showing a bit of kindness to a mate or someone you don’t know can go a long way towards helping them out. This February, why not grab a BIOLyte and show a little kindness to someone who needs it? Not only will you be helping someone else out but you’ll also increase your own happiness.