Pink Himalayan salt is a salt variety that is sourced from the Himalayan mountains of South Asia. Quite a few people say that it has numerous health benefits, and some others say it’s the purest salt available. But what do the scientific studies say about Pink Himalayan salt being a healthy salt?

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In this blog, we’ll cover Pink Himalayan salt, its benefits and if it’s the best healthy salt available.

About Pink Himalayan salt

Pink Himalayan salt comprises of up to 98% sodium chloride with the rest being trace minerals. These trace minerals, like calcium, magnesium, and potassium give the pinkish colour to Pink Himalayan salt1. Pink Himalayan salt is used the same way as regular salt. This includes seasoning food, cooking and preserving food1.

What are the benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt?

Some people say that Pink Himalayan salt has a variety of trace minerals. In fact, it has been said that it could be up to 84 different trace minerals1. But if that’s the case, then that means that Pink Himalayan salt only comprises of 2% of these minerals (since 98% is sodium chloride). So if there were any health benefits from these minerals, then it wouldn’t be significant as it’s in low amounts.

Pink Himalayan salt is said to be natural. This may be true, as regular table salt is usually refined and mixed with anti-caking agents. Pink Himalayan salt is less artificial and doesn’t usually contain additives1.

There are also some other health claims like it can improve respiratory diseases, reduce signs of aging, improve sleep quality and regulate blood sugar2. But with these claims, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to back up them up or it’s the sodium chloride itself which helps to achieve these claims (so it would apply to any salt which contains sodium chloride)2. To be a bit more specific, further research needs to be done to see if Pink Himalayan salt can improve respiratory diseases as current studies say that there could be benefits. Reducing signs of aging and regulating blood sugar are due to factors other than salt, so there are no scientific studies which links Pink Himalayan salt to this. Low-salt diets can create sleeping problems, so an adequate amount of sodium chloride is needed for good quality sleep. However, this study was based on salt and not pink Himalayan salt specifically, so it would apply to any salts containing sodium chloride.  

Is Heart SALT or Pink Himalayan Salt the best healthy salt?

One of the other healthy salts in the market is Heart SALT. But how is Heart SALT different to Pink Himalayan salt? And which one is the best healthy salt?

One of the major differences between the two salts is that Heart SALT contains 56% less sodium than regular salt. To make up for the reduced sodium content, Heart SALT has got higher potassium levels. When comparing Pink Himalayan salt to Heart SALT, it’s the amount of sodium which is a major differentiator between the two salt products. It should be noted that high levels of sodium in salt can lead to heart disease. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended people to increase their potassium intake and to reduce their sodium intake.

Another difference between the two is the health benefits. There’s a bit of chatter about the numerous health benefits of Pink Himalayan salt, but unfortunately there is not enough evidence to back it up. With Heart SALT, it is suitable for those with hypertension due to the reduced sodium content. This health benefit cannot be claimed for Pink Himalayan salt as it is mainly comprised of sodium chloride. This makes Heart SALT the best salt for hypertension.

Between the two options, it’s quite clear that Heart SALT is the best healthy salt compared to Pink Himalayan salt. The main reason for this is due to the reduced sodium and increased potassium that the WHO recommends, and which Heart SALT has. So, the next time you’re looking to buy salt at Woolworths, look at Heart SALT which is the best healthy salt in the market and is the best salt for hypertension.

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