Keeping consumer health products at an affordable price – A pledge to our community 22nd June 2022

Neptune Bio-Innovations is an Australian company established in 2008. We are all about science, technology, and innovation. It all started with an interest in research, specifically in the area of health and wellness.

As the CEO of NBI (Neptune Bio Innovations), we have always pledged to deliver premium products at an affordable price for one and all. We are proud to be known as an innovative Australian company, not only here, but also in other parts of the globe, especially in the Middle East and North America.

After years of research into the simple gaps affecting lives, we made a conscious decision to focus on digestive and women's health. Let’s look at women’s health.

Women form 51% of Australia’s population. In fact, women live longer than men but carry and live a greater total disease burden rather than dying from it (Australian Institute of health and wellness, 2019). It is also important, let it be large or small pharmaceutical companies to focus on indigenous and non-indigenous women's population health issues. At NBI, we have in the last few years have listened, understood, and researched the issue that 2 in 3 women face but are embarrassed to talk about – Urinary Tract Infection. We have formulated, developed, and patented URICIL, a 2-in-1 Urinary Alkalizer, and natural antibacterial.

URICIL is a safe and efficacious over-the-counter medicine which has a natural potent antibacterial agent which can be used in therapeutic, prophylactic, and symptomatic relieve of UTIs, it is also suitable for recurrent UTIs. NBI is truly an Australian company. Wherever possible, we have and will always support local businesses for the supply of raw materials used in our products. Be Australian, buy Australian-Made Products, this gives us and our consumers confidence in our quality, efficacy, and safety. “Made in Australia” comes at a premium price but being an innovative company, we think outside the box. We find ways to work smartly by innovating, increasing productivity, efficiency, minimizing waste, and speed to market.

This is how we keep our prices so that everyone can afford especially in times of rising costs. We are confident enough to say “we have you covered when you need us” – let it be in quality, efficacy, and affordability.

Today National Pink Day, a day that focuses on feminity, has specially marked the occasion by pledging that regardless of the socio-economic status, all women who are silently suffering from UTI and looking for an affordable innovative product that works will be looked after. It’s an important day to celebrate as a reminder that women's health matters.