BIOLyte is an Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) which contains Prebiotic and Zinc. During this unprecedent time, BIOLyte is an essential solution to have in every household pantry as it can support your immune system health. How? It’s due to the addition of Zinc and the effects of Prebiotics. Zinc Zinc is a crucial mineral for the human body and especially for the immune system. In the human body, which is a very complex system, a specific protein directs the Zinc to key immune cells. These cells are the frontline in defence against infections. The Zinc then participates in a process to fight the infection, which helps to balance the immune response1. This was supported by Dr. CuhaWijay, Principal Scientist at Neptune Bio-Innovations (NBI), who said that the following about Zinc: “Zinc is a critical micronutrient for healthy development and function of cells mediating innate immunity. Zinc supplementation could effectively prevent infectious diseases by enhancing immunity. Indeed, a double-blind study on Zinc supplementation for respiratory infections in children has been proven successful in terms of reduced incidence”. It has also been reported that a symptom of COVID-19 includes vomiting or diarrhoea2. The Zinc in BIOLyte also helps to reduce diarrhoea and vomiting. In fact, it can provide a 30% faster recovery from vomiting and a 20% faster recovery from diarrhoea3. Whenever you experience bouts of diarrhoea or vomiting, Zinc is a mineral which is often depleted and needs to be replenished in the body. COVID-19 patients may also experience respiratory issues, which has been linked to a loss of electrolytes and potassium4. It has also been proven effective that Potassium supplements assisted with recovery of COVID-19 patients with hypokalaemia4. Dr. Rajendram, Founder and CEO of NBI, expressed the importance of consuming BIOLyte. “During this pandemic, it’s important to restore body fluids. Sickness, including fevers or a runny nose, can lead to body fluid loss. This means you’re losing electrolytes, but it can be replenished through BIOLyte. The 245 osmolality of BIOLyte can provide a faster recovery and rapid uptake of electrolytes, while the Zinc and Prebiotic can help support immune system health. BIOLyte could also potentially act as a potassium supplement to assist with recovery.” Prebiotic Prebiotics can help stimulate the immune system. The Prebiotic in BIOLyte, inulin, promotes the beneficial effects of the good bacteria (microbials), such as Bifidobacteria, in the gut. Bifidobacteria, a probiotic, plays a significant role in enhancing the immune system as it facilitates the frontline of defence against pathogens. The gut microbiota (the latest discovery in the human body), plays a pivotal role in immune system development. In fact, it has been reported that COVID-19 patients experienced losses in intestinal probiotics, specifically, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium5. About BIOLyte BIOLyte has three great tasting flavours – Green Apple, Orange and Red Grape. Ms. Lin is a loyal BIOLyte consumer, who frequently consumes BIOLyte. “It tastes much better than others. I use it whenever I go to the gym and whenever my stomach gets a bit rumbly,” said Ms. Lin. It is available in multiple formats including Effervescent Tablets, Sachets and Ready to Drink, making it convenient for any occasion, including when going out or when being self-isolated at home. Meeting the new World Health Organisation ORS formulation guidelines, not only does BIOLyte aid in fast rehydration, but it can also help provide a faster recovery from diarrhoea and vomiting6. Additionally, BIOLyte can help support your immune system health to fight against infections, pathogens and diseases. In fact, it is the only ORS in Australia to contain both Prebiotic and Zinc. Click here to learn more about BIOLyte.