• 11 December 2018

    We all know that too much salt can lead to heart disease. We are already eating more than the recommended amount of salt each day according to the World Health Organisation (WHO)1. However, what most of us might not know is that it’s the sodium in salt which has the greatest role in heart disease risk.

  • 04 December 2018

    Are you planning to travel soon? With the Christmas break coming up, many people will be taking advantage of this to go on a holiday. But travelling by plane can lead to dehydration. 

  • 20 November 2018

    Did you know that alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration? With the Christmas party period only a few short weeks away, we’ll look into why alcohol causes dehydration and how you can be prepared.

  • 06 November 2018

    This week, I thought I’d change things up and talk about my personal experience with dehydration. If you’ve been reading our blogs over the past couple of months, you’ll be able to understand why I went through what I did. You’ll also know what you can do to ensure what happened to me doesn’t happen to you or your loved ones either.

  • 12 November 2018

    Dinner doesn’t have to be complicated. Cook a delicious meal with ease using our Steak and Wedges recipe.