• 16 November 2017

    Stay Hydrated; On average people drink more alcohol, get more sun and do more activities on holiday, all of which conspire to dehydrate you. But be careful where you get your water from...

  • 23 March 2017

    Today salt is easy to obtain, and so inexpensive that we have forgotten that from the beginning of civilisation until about 100 years ago, salt was one of the most sought-after commodities in human history.

  • 03 February 2017

    By the time you finished reading this article, one Australian would have died of heart disease - so kindly, please read this if you are over 45 or know someone dear to you who has the associated risks.

    Let’s begin with some frightening Statistics of Heart health in Australia

  • 10 January 2017

    One of Australia’s best-loved condiments is now even more convenient – and healthier, too!

    La MAYO is a dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free mayonnaise. Just add water and you’ve got a tasty, fat-free, creamy mayonnaise ready to go.

    You can even get creative and add your own flavours. You control the consistency, meaning you make it the just the way you like.

    Make as little or as much as you need. There’s no refrigeration required. What’s more, La MAYO does not split when heated, making it perfect for toasted sandwiches or

  • 22 December 2016

    A vast majority of the population know that sweeteners fall into two broad categories- Artifical or Natural. BUT do you know what "Natural" and "Artificial" have in common?