How well do you know your Sweeteners?

- December 22 2016


January 06 2017

Even some labelled natural eg; Stevia(960) can produce similar effects and causes me to be excessively thirsty so this one is also a no no for many people this also applies to Aspartime (951) and Ace-K (950). So it pays to check all labels even down to drinks labelled no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners… much is hidden………….ggrrr.

Jennifer Anderson
January 01 2017

I also, sweat profusely through the night, even in winter, thankyou for letting me know about artificial sweeteners, I am going to stop them as from now. Thanks guys.

Jennifer Anderson
January 01 2017

I have Diabetes, I usually have high blood sugar levels,I started taking Hermesetes, I wake up every night with roughly 3 or 4 times, where I have to urinate, I also wake up every night with leg cramps, where I have to walk around until the pain goes, sometimes I am hunched over.

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