Health & Hygiene Pack

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Health & Hygiene Pack

  • Klinrub Instant Hand Sanitiser
  • BIOLyte Effervescent Tablets
  • BIOLyte Sachets
  • Heart SALT

The Health & Hygiene pack to help protect you!

NBI's Health & Hygiene pack contains four of our products - Klinrub x2 200 mL, BIOLyte 24 Effervescent Tablets, BIOLyte 12 Sachets and Heart SALT 30g (sample)

Klinrub - Instant Hand Sanitiser, A Fast Acting Antiseptic Hand Rub

Klinrub Instant Hand Sanitiser kills germs without the need for water. Klinrub is also non sticky so that your hands feel cleansed and refreshed after use.

BIOLyte - Restore and Replenish the Right Way

Rehydrate AND restore your gut back to normal with our revolutionary BIOLyte Solutions. Our revolutionary formula does more than just rehydrate – it reduces vomiting and diarrhoea and supports your immune system health.

This winning formula contains a prebiotic that helps stimulate the healthy bacteria, which restores healthy gut function. Plus, BIOLyte replenishes the zinc in our systems, which is a key mineral affected by diarrhoea and vomiting. 

What’s more, our scientifically-formulated product is available in a delicious drink with flavours including Red Grape, Orange & Green Apple.

Heart SALT - The Healthier Alternative

It’s time to get proactive about our heart health – after all, prevention is better than a cure.

NBI’s leading Heart SALT has 56% less sodium than regular salt, contains no MSG and has the great salt taste, which makes it a heart-friendly alternative.

Heart SALT is also available as a great tasting Chicken Salt offering great taste without the level of sodium found in other chicken salts.

It’s time to make the switch – your heart and taste buds will thank you.

Please note - when purchasing this package, please inform us of your BIOLyte flavour choices (Green Apple, Orange or Red Grape) for the Sachets and the Effervescent Tablets. You can write your comments in the cart during the checkout process. 



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