Heart SALT

It’s time to get proactive about our heart health – after all, prevention is better than a cure. NBI’s leading Heart SALT has 56% less sodium than regular salt, contains no MSG and has the great salt taste, which makes it a heart-friendly alternative.

Heart SALT is a low sodium salt and is the best salt for hypertension patients. It can be a valuable addition to a high blood pressure sodium diet.

Heart SALT contains 56% less sodium than regular salt, has no MSG, is suitable for hypertension sufferers and has the great salt taste, making it the healthier alternative. Click here to learn more about Heart SALT. 

Why Heart SALT is different:

56% less sodium than salt (low sodium salt)

Best salt for hypertension sufferers

Best salt for cardiac failure patients

Best salt for renal failure patients

Best salt for heart patients

Great salt taste

Table salt-shaker or cooking salt formats

Only reduced sodium chicken salt in the market

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

High intake of sodium chloride (salt) is linked to: Coronary artery disease, stroke (ischemic and haemorrhagic) and heart failure. Heart Salt is made up of sodium and potassium chloride. Therefore, in 1 teaspoon (4 gram) of Heart SALT there are 0.787 g (or 787 mg) of sodium, 1.042 g (or 1042 mg) potassium and 2.164 (or 2164 mg) chloride ions. In summary, it has half the sodium content compared to regular salt.

Excess sodium in salt is the culprit for hypertension. When the amount of sodium increases in our body, it retains more water and subsequently increases blood volume. Our heart must work hard to pump large volume of blood around our body. This in turn increases the pressure on the artery, which carries blood away from our heart. If this continues the arteries and the heart muscle will burst and results in heart attack and stroke. Heart SALT contains 56% less sodium than regular salt.

Potassium is a mineral and electrolyte. It is crucial for your entire body to work normally. It helps heart, nerves and muscles function properly, as well as moving nutrients and waste around cells. Most people get all the potassium they need from their food and drink, but having low or high potassium levels can potentially cause serious problems. Regular Heart Salt and Chicken Flavoured Heart SALT are NOT potassium supplement and therefore to be consumed with your regular food ONLY. It is formulated in accordance to Food Standards Australia New Zealand. Too much potassium in people with acute kidney failure or chronic kidney disease (hyperkalaemia) is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition. Please consult your doctors.

Potassium Chloride is a mineral which characteristic metallic or bitter taste in our taste receptors. Our research shows combining potassium chloride with natural plant protein, thaumatin sweetener using our proprietary technology masks the metallic and bitter note efficiently and making Heart SALT more palatable.